How to get here

We recommend flights into Morelia airport (90 minutes away by car). We can arrange for your ground transportation between the Morelia airport and Casa Werma (or your nearby offsite accommodation) by one of our private drivers for an additional cost. If you arrive near the same time as other participants, we will arrange for you to share the ride. Please send us an e-mail with your flight information if you would like us to arrange ground transportation for you.

A valid passport is required for traveling in Mexico for all non-Mexicans; you will need a current passport to board an international flight.


For more adventurous travelers it may be worthwhile to explore arriving at other regional airports. Trips through the Mexico City airport are the easiest to arrange and often the most economical.

Depending on your arrival time in Mexico City, it may be best to plan to stay overnight. Here is a link to a blog about How to Spend a Layover in Mexico City.

There is much to see and do in Mexico City in case you have interest and time to be a tourist there.

(1)   To get to Pátzcuaro easily from Mexico City, there are several very nice, highly-recommended, luxury buses that take that trip direct each day. It’s about a five hour trip for the peso-equivalent of about $30 usd one way.

  • From the airport, find the taxi booth where you will get a price-controlled ticket direct to the “Central de Autobuses Poniente” or “Observatorio” (two common names for the same bus station – by the way, there are several long distance bus stations in Mexico City; it’s important you get to the right one.) The cost for this taxi is $200-300 pesos and it will take a little over an hour.
  • From your hotel, have the front desk arrange a taxi for you to the “Central de Autobuses Poniente” or “Observatorio”.
  • Uber is also very popular in Mexico City and considered safe.


(2)   Once at the bus station Poniente/Observatorio, you have two choices in bus lines for the direct service to Pátzcuaro.

Between the two of them, there are several trips per day to Pátzcuaro. Find their sales counters and figure out which is the next scheduled departure. The ticket costs will be the same. At the counter, you can pay in cash pesos or credit card.

EATING: There are restaurants in the Mexico City airport outside of security as well as a cafeteria-style sit-down place in the bus station.

(3)   Upon arrival at the Pátzcuaro bus station, please take one of the taxis just at the entrance. The fee for an in-town trip is only $50 pesos. The driver is very unlikely to speak English. You can ask him to take you to (or you can write it down and show him):

Casa Werma en Libertad 80 (ochenta) con Espejo


Please let us know if you have any other questions at [email protected]