Shambhala Vajrayana and Werma Retreat

with Acharya Eve Rosenthal

October 17th—October 25th (2014)

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  • $480 Pay-It-Forward Tuition
  • $435 Full Program Tuition
  • $290 Subsidized Tuition
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Join us for a feast of Shambhala Vajrayana practice at Casa Werma for seasoned or new practitioners of Rigden ngondro, Werma sadhana, and all levels of Scorpion Seal practice. The retreat will include guided group practice, individual meditation instruction, study, discussion, talks, and movement exercises.  We will also practice the stroke of Ashe on the same table where the Dorje Dradul wrote the Werma sadhana. This retreat fulfills one week of the “land center” group retreat requirement for Rigden ngondro and Werma practice. This retreat also fulfills the one week retreat requirement for Scorpion Seal.

Prerequisites: Vajrayana Seminary or Sacred World Assembly

Patron program tuition not including accommodations: $480 USD, $6200 Mx  We invite all who are able to do so to consider paying the Patron tuition rate. By doing so, you make it possible for us to offer scholarships to others, particularly our Mexico sangha, while also covering the direct cost of your stay here and contributing to our year-round operations. 

Full program tuition not including accommodations: $435 USD, $5600 Mx   We invite all who are able to do so to pay the full tuition rate.  By doing so, you cover the direct cost of your stay here and contribute to our year-round operating expenses. 

Discounted program tuition not including accommodations: $290 USD, $3750 Mx  If the full tuition is unworkable for you, please pay the discounted rate if you can.  By doing so you contribute towards the cost of your being here and everything it takes to keep Casa Werma operating year-round.

Discounted tuition plus payment plan not including accommodations: $50 USD, $650 Mx per month over six months   If having 6 months to pay makes the discounted tuition possible for you, please choose this option.  

Scholarships and other payment plans available. Please email [email protected] to make arrangements.


We recommend flights into Morelia airport (90 minutes away by car). We can help with travel arrangements, please inquire about options.


About Acharya Eve Rosenthal
Acharya Eve Rosenthal teaches for Shambhala throughout North America and Europe. She is also a long-time practitioner and instructor of Tai Chi Chuan and is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia where she lives with her spouse, Basia.  She is the founder of Shambhala Online which offers interactive video events with groups and individuals worldwide.  She is Chair of the Acharya Council, Shambhala’s most senior teachers.