Programs at Casa Werma

El Camino del Bodhisattva: La Práctica de las Paramitas – CANCELADO

con Cecilia Amador Rodríguez

April 27 - May 4, 2019
Casa Werma, Pátzcuaro, Michoacán

Queer Dharma Family Giving Thanks

con Eve Rosenthal

November 23 - 30, 2019
Casa Werma
In this retreat we will gently explore our identity: How do I define myself? How am I perceived? How does this influence my relationship to others and society?

Women’s Wisdom Weekthun

con Sandra Ladley

January 25 - February 1, 2020
Casa Werma
This retreat is for women to come together in a beautiful setting surrounded by lush gardens to experience deep meditation practice, sacred community and creative expression.

Joyful Wisdom: A Maitri-Mahamudra Retreat for Older Women

con Susan Gillis Chapman

February 8 - 15, 2020
Casa Werma
Let's warm up the space of traditional mahamudra investigations by compassionately exploring, healing and transforming the juicy and challenging emotions triggered by our life stories.

Yeshe Tsogyal: The Inseparable Union of Masculine and Feminine Principles

con Melissa Moore

February 29 - March 7, 2020
Casa Werma
This week-long practice intensive will evoke and celebrate the life and teachings of Yeshe Tsogyal.