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Illuminating Basic Goodness 1: Who Am I? Exploring Identity and Belonging

con Acharya Holly Gayley

December 15 - 20, 2017

How do we develop a sense of self as separate from the world around us? Does adopting certain identities, personal and social, require us to leave parts of ourselves behind in order to belong? This module explores the classic Buddhist teachings on ego, alongside contemporary considerations of social identities and their relationship to systemic injustice in our society.


Acharya Holly Gayley
Acharya Holly Gayley is an Assistant Professor of Buddhist Studies at the University of Colorado in Boulder, having completed a Masters at Naropa University in 2000 and Ph.D. at Harvard University in 2009. She has been practicing meditation in the Shambhala tradition for more than twenty years and regularly leads meditation retreats and workshops as a senior teacher or shastri. Holly has frequently traveled to eastern Tibet for her research on contemporary Buddhist movements and enjoys trekking in the Himalayas and Rocky Mountains. Her first book, Love Letters from Golok: A Tantric Couple in Modern Tibet, came out in November 2016. For more information, visit…
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