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COMMUNITY Catalyzing Communities Agenda

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Dear Patzcuaro Community Supporter,

January 16-21 2020 we will be immersed in the experience of bringing the local community together of Indigenous people, Mexican Nationals and Extranjeros in trust building, visualization, and empowering the people in planning a regenerative future for Pátzcuaro. 

Catalyzing Communities for a Regenerative Future is a collaboration between Kim Nadel, Kristen Victor,  David McCullough and Lola Victor to illuminate an opportunity to transcend Pátzcuaro into a resilient, prosperous community.  

All workshop participants will be facilitating as we gather and engage the local community in trust building and planning on the (4) following imperatives we have identified. 

  1. Lake Patzcuaro as a water source, an educational and economic opportunity.
  2. Waste as a resource versus a crisis.
  3. Local Artisan goods accessibility through thoughtful globalization/glocalization
  4. Mobility planning to increase bike and pedestrian awareness for safety and health and wellness. 


We are partnered with Waste for Life, Ayala Water Ecology, artist Lola Victor, mobility advocate Nicole Burgess to support the imperatives of this workshop.

As facilitators, we will guide participants through focus sessions, designed to empower people on how to build trust within a community, identify common critical problems, create and/or locate a sustainable community plan, identify aligned tools and resources in support of the plan, and successfully implement the decided plan. 

Facilitators will achieve this goal by creating a contained experience, in which participants will work through hands-on activities using the local city as a model to learn how to create/refine, implement, and communicate sustainable plans for a variety of communities worldwide.  

From this workshop, participants will take away a toolbox of resources and a working knowledge of how to utilize these to successfully implement sustainable city plans worldwide.  The Patzcuaro community will receive a 5 year community plan.

Our work involves workshop student participants,  we are currently working with the local universities providing workshop participant student scholarships and homestays, in collaboration local Pátzcuaro community members and businesses and the Michoacan government.  Through our preparation, we realize the importance of generational and cultural diversity in participation and believe you can support our efforts as a valuable community member.   We also value the lingual needs to support all and will have all materials and sessions in both Spanish and English.  We have created (3) exciting levels of community sponsorship opportunities:

Patrocindador Level

  • (2) Community Participant Tickets*
  • Logo on all materials
  • Recognition at Community Evening
  • Cost:  1000 Pesos


Colaborador Level

  • (4) Community Participant Tickets*
  • (1) Community Party Tickets at Casa Werma**
  • Logo on all materials
  • Recognition at Community Evening
  • Cost:  2000 Pesos


Director Level

  • (10) Community Participant Tickets*
  • (2) Community Party Tickets at Casa Werma**
  • Logo on all materials
  • Recognition at Community Evening
  • Cost:  5000 Pesos


*Community Participant Tickets – throughout the Workshop, Community Participants will have the opportunity to join the Workshop Participants in the discovery work for portions of each day (see link to agenda above).  Includes a community presentation Monday, January 20, 2020 in Plaza Grande.

**Community Party Tickets – Saturday evening, January 18th, 2020, Casa Werma and Catalyzing Communities for a Regenerative Future will host a Community Dance.

Fill out the Sponsorship Form and Email your Form along with your Logos to [email protected] by January 03, 2020.