Song of Ziji – a spontaneous poem by Ziji Collective, May 2015

Bubbling energetic ideas. I heard the question
and suddenly had to run to the bathroom.
Is this really what I want to do?

Wild and raging energy building bridges.

Change belongs to no one
Future belongs to all of us.

A crack in the space, the dawn of confidence: Rooster.
The light coming in the place where people suffer from.
It breaks my heart.

Knock knock knock
But it’s all love.

So colorful and so fierce and yet so grounded.
It’s too bright for my eyes.

Twisted and tangled yet rooted and brilliant, and shining,
like a Russian olive shimmering and sparkling like a slippery fish.

Leaping over the gate. Born as a Dragon.
My heart is filled with sadness, wonder and joy.

Living as a bird, I wonder why I would want it to be anything else?
What would happen if I just jumped?

Entertaining visions, painful inconsistencies.
Guacamole has many recipes.

In the center of life and death,
all of the instruments of the world being played simultaneously
And making not a sound.
Nevertheless these Russian olives taste really good.

Mmm is that salt?
I don’t know if I’ve ever tasted it before.
Maybe it’s as simple as that.
Reclaiming experience, reclaiming voice, empowerment.

It’s not over, it’s not over because it never started and was never there.