Kim Nadel

Kim Nadel, a green lifestyle design strategist, is an award-winning, certified interior
designer and LEED Accredited Professional specializing in inspired sustainable
living. Kim has over 25 years experience in healthy and efficient design materials
and strategies for the living environment.
She co-founded Sunflower Life Projects US, a comprehensive design collaborative
with wellness and sustainability in mind. Her goal is to promote and foster wellness
through thoughtfully planned design within truly equitable and sustainable
communities. She has consulted with several groups, including The Permaculture
Society in Southern Arizona, where she worked on a variety of areas from
conceptual systems design to strategic architectural planning.
She is currently working on the GBC team to recertify San Diego’s own Balboa Park
LEED buildings, and is developing a Living Building Challenge Carbon Neutral
Materials summit for the San Diego US Green Building Council. Her global travels,
broad knowledge, and creative edge allow her to work within a diverse range of
projects that promotes vitality and well-being. She also practices Vastu, an
Ayurvedic healing science of architecture and planning.

Events with Kim Nadel

Catalyzing Communities for a Regenerative World
January 16, 2020

Imagine an abundant world, living within its resources.  A regenerative world rewarding innovation and inclusivity. We envision a world of prosperous, resilient and sustainable communities, designing and implementing pathways to an equitable future. We invite you to join us at the beautiful Casa Werma, in Patzcuaro, a Pueblo Magico, in the state of Michoacan, as we align with the Paris Agreement on Climate Control, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with Mexico’s sustainable development policies and incentives to create a global EcoCommunity business model and operational strategy. Be a part of the change to co-create neighborhood scale equitable development and a…