Melinda Rothouse

Melinda Rothouse is a professional creativity coach, consultant, author, and educator, as well as a meditation and contemplative arts teacher, based in Austin, Texas. She is also a singer/songwriter/bass player. Her creative and professional work embrace a lifelong love of learning with an emphasis on journey and process. A former teacher of comparative religions, she holds a Ph.D. in psychology with a specialization in creativity studies. She is the author of two books: A Mindful Approach to Team Creativity and Collaboration: Creating a Culture of Innovation, drawing on insights from her doctoral research and her experiences working with organizational leaders and teams, published in 2020 from Palgrave Macmillan, and the co-author of the Silver Nautilus Award winning Syncreate: A Guide to Navigating the Creative Process for Individuals, Teams, and Communities, published in 2021 from Mandorla Books.

Events with Melinda Rothouse

Art of Impermanence: New Beginnings
January 2 - 8, 2024

The Art of Impermanence explores the process of change and becoming, of the ephemerality of our everyday experience, through the lens of creativity and contemplative arts practice. Through a combination of daily mindfulness meditation practice and creative arts exercises, we will explore the vulnerability inherent in our existence as sentient beings, observing how all phenomena arise and pass away. Using an array of artistic media, including writing, photography, movement, sound, and visual arts, we’ll awaken to the fluid nature of life from the loving container and lush gardens of Casa Werma in Patzcuaro, Mexico. Each day will begin with breakfast…

Writing from the Heart: A Contemplative Writing Retreat
April 29 - May 3, 2024

This 4-day contemplative writing retreat is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your writing at Casa Werma a beautiful, nature-filled retreat environment. By observing with a curious mind and tender heart, resting in stillness and bearing witness, we are invited to reconnect with ourselves, our written words and the world around us. This retreat is open to writers of all levels and genres and will include contemplative writing prompts and exercises, plenty of writing time, group discussion and sharing of your work if desired.  This retreat is meant to inspire and encourage the writer in you, deepen your relationship with…