Lance Brunner

Dr. Lance Brunner is an experienced teacher in the Shambhala-Buddhist tradition, having directed Shambhala Training and contemplative arts programs and retreats for over twenty-five years, including seven “Summer Arts Dathuns” [month-long retreats] at Karme Chöling, Vermont.  He combines his interests in the arts, meditation, and action in the world through his consulting and facilitation, having worked with non-profits, health professionals, businesses, leadership programs, and within prisons.  A Kellogg National Fellow (1985-88) and the founding Director of the Commonwealth Fellowship Program for community leaders in Appalachia (1990-96), he has been a professor of music history at the University of Kentucky since 1976.

Events with Lance Brunner

Shambhala Training Level 1: The Art of Being Human
October 6 - 8, 2023

Shambhala Training is the study and practice of Shambhala warriorship: living fearlessly in the present moment with open hearts and compassion towards all. It is founded on the teachings of Chogyam Trungpa as presented in the book, Shambhala: Sacred Path of the Warrior and it emphasizes the simple and profound technique of mindfulness and awareness meditation to help us realize our own potential and create a good human society on this earth. Shambhala Training Level 1: The Art of Being Human is a weekend program that includes meditation instruction and practice, lectures, group discussion and individual meetings with a meditation…

Entrenamiento Shambhala Nivel 1: El Arte de Ser Humano
October 6 - 8, 2023

El entrenamiento Shambhala es el estudio y la práctica de como convertirse en guerreo: vivir el momento presente sin miedo, con el corazón abierto y la compasión hacia todos. Se basa en las enseñanzas de Chogyam Trungpa tal como se presentan en el libro Shambhala: el camino sagrado del guerrero, enfatiza la técnica simple y profunda de la atención plena y la meditación consciente para ayudarnos a darnos cuenta de nuestro propio potencial y crear una buena sociedad humana en esta tierra. El entrenamiento Shambhala Nivel 1: El Arte de Ser Humano es un programa de fin de semana que…