Christina Burress

Christina Burress is Chair of the English Department at the Grauer School in Encinitas, California, where she teaches 10th and 12th-grade Literature and Creative Writing. She teaches poetry at U.C.S.D. Extension, and to K-12 educators getting their Master’s in Arts in the Curriculum from the School of Education at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Events with Christina Burress

Remembering Our Place in All Things - Writers Workshop
April 10, 2021

Wind, Flag, Mind Moves – a Binational Contemplative Writers Series. Mindfulness and creativity in the time of quarantine has proven to be challenging. But now more than ever, as we find ourselves unable to go outward, we are presented with the opportunity to turn inward. The Wind, Flag, Mind Moves series is an offering of exchanges designed to inspire writers along the creative path. Join us for this unique virtual line-up of readings, workshops and discussions, where we engage with notable authors and meditation practitioners as we explore the relationship of contemplative practices, social action, and the written word. PRESENTER:…