Daniel Chacón

Daniel Chacón’s latest book of fiction is a novel called The Cholo Tree (2017).  He is author of Hotel Juárez: Stories, Rooms, and Loops (2013), which won both the 2014 Pen Oakland Award for Literary Excellence and the Tejas NACCS Award for Best Book of Fiction for 2013. His collection of short stories, Unending Rooms, won the 2008 Hudson Prize. He also has a another novel, and the shadows took him, and another collection of stories called Chicano Chicanery.  He is editor of the posthumous poems of Andrés Montoya, A Jury of Treesand co-editor of The Last Supper of Chicano Heroes: The Selected Work of José Antonio Burciaga. His fiction has appeared in the anthologies Latino Boom; Latino Sudden FictionLengua Fresca: Latinos Writing on the EdgeCaliente: The Best Erotic Writing in Latin American Fiction; and Best of the West 2009: New Stories from the West Side of the Missouri. Chacón is recipient of The Hudson Prize, a Chris Isherwood Foundation Grant, The American Book Award, The Pen Oakland, and the Peter and Jean de Main Emerging Writers Award, among others.